"I would describe BSC as an organization comprised of some of the best and brightest minds in our industry today.  A group that is willing to share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of both BSC and its individual members.  A group that is passionate about our industry and its future." 

Greg Cook - President & CEO - Dairyman's Supply Company, Inc.

"It's tough to be in any business on your own.  If a distribution company in our industry has aspirations of growing beyond their current size and a desire to be a better, more efficient company, BSC would be a huge help to them.  OUr industry is consolidating into a small number of very large distributors with a lot of resources, both financial and people.  BSC helps give the smaller guys access to those same resources which will help enable them/us to better compete against the big guys."

Dave Smith - President of Marvic Supply Co., Inc.

"It has helped me grow personally.  Not to be dramatic, but I dont know that without their help, we would be able to grow in any kind of rate like we have over the last rew years.  We would be a three store operation rather than a nine store operation."

Bill Brown - Heely-Brown Co.